Aleko 8kb 70cm x 50 cm. Oil on Canvas. 2014. For upcoming show at http://vermilionhook.com/ Another JPEG compression painting, this one took too long !


Haven’t posted in a while but thought I ought to give an update on my world. On tuesday I appeared on the Sky TV series ‘Portrait Artist of the Year’ in the Trafalgar Square heat. I had to paint Robert Lindsay (from the TV Series ‘My Family’ amongst other things). I was a bit clumsy with the painting but it was an interesting experience to say the least. You can probably catch the show if you have Sky on demand or something, I’ve not actually seen it yet but I hope I came off well haha !


Gabe. Oil on Canvas. 50cm x 40cm. Commissioned piece. 2013.


Aleko Datamosh 50cm x 40cm, Oil on canvas. 2013.


Mattia 2kb 50cm x 70cm. B&W Oil on canvas of JPEG compression. 2013.
Pixels are 4x size of last painting.


James 3kb 70cm x 50cm. Oil Painting of a compressed JPEG file reduced to 3 kilobytes of data. 9,240 pixels worth of paint. 2013.


Quick B&W study. 15cm x 10cm. Oil on Canvas. 2013.


Pete. 60cm x 40cm. Oil on Canvas. Commission Piece. 2012.


Glitch Study 2. 50cm x 40cm. Oil on canvas. 2012.


Birth 24cm x 18 cm Oil on canvas.